My first children’s clothing – play dresses for girls

Razberry Threads – Memories of Getting Started with My Children’s Clothing

Razberry Threads - Girl's Play Dresses

I was just remembering some of my first projects in children’s clothing from when my kids were little. My daughter had the cutest play dresses that she wore every day. I made them in all different colors.

Girls are so much fun to sew for. You can create all kinds of different patterns and match so many different colors and flowers and bows. I made one of the cutest outfits for her. It was a dress top and shorts. The fabric was “ants in the pants.”

The dress had pictures of picnic baskets and picnic foods with a few ants here and there, and the shorts were a green fabric filled with black ants. It was adorable.

At some point when my kids were still little we housed an exchange student from Hong Kong. It was a process getting her to understand the language.

Her vocabulary was very limited, but I started making dresses for her as well. She would try on my daughters dresses just for fun.

Razberry Threads - girl's play dresses
children’s play dresses

They were too short for her as she was a high schooler and my daughter was still in grade school. But she was thin and fit into the top part just fine. I made matching gingerbread outfits that Christmas for my daughter, son, and Miki, our exchange student.

It is so exciting now being able to share some of my designs with the public. I really enjoy sewing and coming up with new patterns and ideas.

It has always been my dream to put some of my talents into practice in a way that more people could enjoy the things I make and create.

So I want to welcome you all to Razberry Threads. It has been a process getting the website up and running, but we should be updating it regularly with the newest items in the store.

I will be putting some color choices and design choices on the website soon, so that Razberry Threads can start doing online orders. Feel free to email me if there is anything that you are interested in.

I also invite you to drop by the store when you’re in downtown Asheville.


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