Winter is Coming….

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These are my Long Sleeve Hooded dresses. They are great for the little girls in your life as winter (unfortunately) is on its way again. The knit cotton will keep your little girl warm as she runs around playing in the changing leaves and doing whatever other activities you have planned for the autumn season- like fall festivals and corn mazes.

I make these in many different colors and up to size 5t. They are also available in short-sleeve and ¾ sleeve.
My daughter had a fit when she was little when I put her in a ¾ sleeve dress to take Christmas pictures. She kept trying to pull the sleeves down and they would not go. I kept telling her that they were supposed to be like that, but she did not listen.

She would not smile, and all my Christmas pictures that year were of her screaming and crying all over ¾ sleeves. It was such a nice dress, but I never made her wear it again or anything with ¾ sleeves.

Even today, she does not care for sleeves of that length I have some of my items on an Etsy store- FeatheredFriends24, and one of these sold on Etsy to a photographer and she sent me pictures of her adorable little girl wearing the Long Sleeve Hooded dress with the mountains in the background.

It was the Aztec print- a nice fall color. It’s was quite picturesque.

Thank you for visiting the website. Keep checking for our winter line that should be coming out soon. Backyard Feathered Friends and Wiggle Baby are already working on some cute new designs for Christmas as well.

So stop by when you start thinking about those family Christmas pictures. We will also be getting in turtlenecks soon (and hopefully there will embroidery available for them as well).


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