Busy Life

Well, it has been very busy lately in my life, and I just wanted to shout out some encouragement to others in my situation who feel like they have bit off more than they can chew. I have always enjoyed a busy lifestyle, but right now I am not sure that I can handle even one more thing. There are not enough hours in the day to keep up with everything I have to do.
So, in this moment, I just wanted to tell everyone that they need to take time and breathe and enjoy the moment. Do some yoga, go shopping, use the precious extra hours you have to relax and refocus and do something that will help you mentally and physically. It is not just the body that wears out and gets tired, but it is the mind too. If we do not give our minds a break, they may break. That’s how mine feels right now- like it may break in half.
But I know that I will make it through, just like you will. Just keep on going and use your spare time to recover in whatever way works best for you. If going shopping helps, come by and visit the store. We are here for you. I have ordered another shipment of leggings that should be in soon. They are very popular this year. I love keeping up with the new trends, you just never know what will be popular next and what everyone will be wearing in the coming months and years.

The embroidery machine should be up and running soon as well in time for the winter season and especially for Christmas gifts. You can get personalized clothes and other items for your kids and grandkids of any age.
Well, everyone, hang in there, as the kids are about to go back to school, and schedules change again (or go back to normal.) Keep the pace and I hope everyone gets some time to relax sometime soon!

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