Black hankerchief cardigan

black cardigan NEW

My friend Gloria made this great hankerchief cardigan.  They are neutral black color which goes with everything.  I love them.  They are light enough to be that perfect cardie. I don’t know if that is a word but I like it.  I put this with our black and white elephant dress.  It looks great.

The necklaces are made by my friend  Barbara D.  They are all polymer clays.  She is great at this and has made so many wonderful pieces.

What is nice about the cardi is that it is light enough to wear in the summer when that  air is on and you go out to eat and you freeze to death.

I just met the greatest lady from Mississippi.   She does a lot of embroidery and gave me some wonderful tips on things to make and due for the store.   I was so impressed with her.