Survival of the Smallest

Survival of the Smallest
Brandi Weaver

What brings the great oak to his knees,
Yet leaves the scraggled pine to stand
What be the case, I’ll never know
But God’s big, gracious hand

If ever one had times to think
About such subtleties….

I think we’d all be quite surprised
At all our piteous needs.

And if we stopped yet more to think
Of how they’re all supplied…

We’d know God’s hand
Had never left our small, miniscule lives.

Hi, Everyone, I thought this was an encouraging little poem for those who are in for crazy schedules this semester and school year, and for the ones backing them. I know that there is a lot of juggling especially for those moms who are in school while trying to support their families and raise little ones at the same time.
You will not break. You will get through.
Sometimes being able to bend with the wind is more important than being strong and unyielding. There is a difference between being strong enough to stand proud for what you believe in and being able to flow with the punches of every day life.

No matter how strong you are if you can not be a little flexible with the constant changes of life, you are more susceptible to breaking.
Anyway, good luck in school and life as the winter comes. I hope the best for all of you.
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Glad bless you all,
Susan Weaver
Razberry Threads

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