A Touch of Poetry

The Voice of the Earth


Brandi Lee Weaver

Consistency riding on forever in seas
Of corn and wheat
The skyline never ends—
Never changes.
The wind speaks—
The birds instruct
The stream reminds of other worlds
(it’s a gateway)
But this is the world that matters now
This one—filled with hope and peace

The sun distorts the colors of the
Purples, pinks—colors of the land
That hide away
The sun reveals them
The wind enhances them

The ripples have names
The breeze has a song

The next couple weeks are going to be very exciting and I hope to get a lot done and get some rest as well. My son in law is here right now helping with the store. Say Hi to him if you come in. His name is Trevor. He is also helping me with the more technical stuff that I have trouble with (you know, anything to do with a computer, and accounting). So praise the Lord for extra hands to help us through, right?

Also the new embroidery machine will be in this week, and I will be using Trevor to help me figure all that out as well. Then next week, I will be attending an embroidery conference in Orlando with my daughter. I hope to learn a few tricks of the trade and find some different places to order blank items from to put in the store and embroider on.

There should be lots of good things coming. I will be doing custom embroidery. You will be able to come in the store and purchase some items that will be per-embroidered, and some items that are just blank waiting for you to choose what you want done on it.

You all have a wonderful week. Talk to you soon.

Susan Weaver

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