Well this is my 1st vacation in a long time.  I am so glad to get away to the beach.  OK, well maybe not a complete vacation.  I went to go to a Embroidery convention to learn so new techniques and new products for Razberry threads.

Our new machine is in and I have to learn all the new technology. I have also a learning class to go to on Monday.  She has been training for melco machines for over 16years.  I am excited about that.

Since I am here in sunny Florida I may as well take in some sun in my down time.  I am not going to complain about that at all.

The convention had a lot of great ideas on applique. I bought the glitter vinyl to put on the shirts in beautiful colors.  I got the most beautiful blue for Elsa’s dress I cant wait to use it. It is alway exciting to learn new thing.  I am glad I went there is another convention in Atlanta, Ga which is supposed to be larger than this one.  I think I may go to that also in Febuary.

It is nice to come to Florida also because my daughter and her husband live here so I get to visit family. I was raised here in New Smryna Beach, Fla.  My grandparents lived here so I was here all the time I went to college here at Daytona Beach. So when I come here it is like coming home.

I love all the shops and stores on the beach side.  Some day when I retire I want to move back and maybe open a little shop here on the beach side.  I would love that. This place has grown up since I was little.

I beach side has changed so much.  I remember when it was nothing and forest and a few buildings or really houses that have now converted to stores.

Of course since I have some spare time I had to go look at fabric.  I found a few great pcs to use for applique on the embroidery machine in Razberry threads.

I can’t help my self.  It is a addiction and the love of color and texture.   So I came home with a few great pieces of fabric.  Since I do the Backyard feathered friends line I got a few pieces of great fall fabric for the dresses I make.   I can’t wait to go home and sew.   Whoa did I say that?   I really did need a break from the everyday routine.  Even though I do miss being at my sewing machine.

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