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WNC’s Leading magazine on Arts and Culture did an article on Razberry Threads.  What a great write up!  I was impressed and humbled at the same time.  The picture shows me standing in front of the children’s area.

It is about time to start thinking about the Christmas season.  I have been stocking up for months now so that we will have all that we need for everyone’s holiday shopping.  I have so much fun stuff for everyone.

I have the stockings made and ready to be embroidered.  I have pillow cases done for boys and girls.  I am getting in orders all the time now.   If you want some thing special I recommend that you come in early to make sure that I have time to get everything done.

I can’t wait for Christmas it is my favorite time of the year.  I know this year it will be the greatest yet.  This week I will get the windows ready for the holiday.  I always get that warm fuzzy feeling deep down inside watching the old Christmas movies and baking. I want my windows to give off that same feeling.

Oh, the Christmas music is wonderful I could listen to it all year long.  I really really do love it.  It always brings back the old memories for me.

My mother and I would always go shopping together and bake Christmas cookies together.  We always did crafts on the holidays, and we had a party at our house every year.  All our relatives and friends would come over.

We would play that game, white elephant.  I am sure you all have had played that one time or another.  This one year I wanted this one gift so bad but I didn’t get it.  It was always fun to see what people brought.  We always put a dollar limit on the gift.   Most of the time it was something from the house no one wanted anymore.  Of course that was the gift that got tossed back and forth with every turn.

I tried as my children were growing up to make that same feeling of comfort and enjoyment for the Christmas season.  I wanted them to have that same great memories I had had my whole childhood.

I want them to always feel loved and special for the season.  Remembering to give to those who do not have.  I wanted to instill that compassion I had growing up.

Well I am off to making some new capes.  Every time I bring new capes in, out they go.  I going this time to make two fox capes because they sell as soon as they come in. Every one loves the fox.




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