Boy, what a week it has been! My daughter and I went to market and found lots and lots of children’s and women’s products. I’m going to be coming in with a whole new line of bamboo clothing for the store in women’s nightgowns and slippers and pillowcases. It is so beautiful and silky! You will love it! I got some of it in already today, so I just need to tag it all and find a spot for it.

I fell in love with so many products – the store is going to be bursting at the seems. We found cute children’s stuff and a lot of newborn items. We found soft, soft bunnies and dogs and silkies, and a new organic line of teething toys. They are just beautiful.

I also have a lot of women’s shirts coming in. They are from a new designer who lives in Texas. They are a gorgeous, soft linen.

We had so much fun; we spent hours and hours walking around trying to find something that would be just perfect and unique for our store. There are so many products out there that I would have to have one of everything to make everyone happy, but I know what we chose was just perfect for our niche.

Come in for Easter shopping! I have a new line of socks coming in with lace frills!

It is nice to be back. I hope to see ya’ll soon!

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