Toddler Sleep Set

Well, on Saturday morning I got up really early because I had an idea for a new set for newborns- a sleep sack and a hat and my new drool bib. I got in this great organic elephant print from birch fabrics which is so plush; it has a real softness to it. I pre-washed it, and then I added a wonderful pink and grey striped fabric. The pink is so soft that you almost can not tell that it is pink. It is muted and lush and feels like heaven.
I made the cutest drool bib with the elephants on the front and the stripe on the back and I think that I am going to keep making these because they are just so soft and wonderful. You can keep it around the child’s neck more often because it is so comfortable.

I found a pattern for it earlier, but I did not like it so I revised it. I changed it so that there was less fabric on the back of the baby’s neck. I like it better this way. You all will have to tell me if you agree next time you come in the store.
But the whole thing we sell as a set now. As shown below:


I hope to see you all soon.

Baby Face
by Carl Sandburg

WHITE MOON comes in on a baby face.
The shafts across her bed are flimmering.

Out on the land White Moon shines,
Shines and glimmers against gnarled shadows,
All silver to slow twisted shadows
Falling across the long road that runs from the house.

Keep a little of your beauty
And some of your flimmering silver
For her by the window to-night
Where you come in, White Moon.

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