Michael Miller Fabric

Hi Everyone,

I know that it has been a while since I have posted anything; I have been very busy. I was so excited last week, when I got home, there were two huge boxes of Michael Miller fabrics. Here is some of it:




I get so excited when all the fabric comes in radiating of beautiful new colors and pattterns.

The sage green fabric with the birds is so unbelievable soft, and I love the fabric with the roses.

I absolutely love the new line of Michael Miller fabrics.

I could not wait to break them in, so I immediately started sewing. I decided to try something new and make makeup bags or rather bags that you use for your makeup and then roll up so they conveniently fit in your purse or car without all the makeup falling out.

They are large enough to fit makeup brushes and whatever else you need. I started with the green bird fabric and then tried one with the rose color and did the purple inside.

I started off making them and just putting a tie strap and then I realied that that is just ridiculous. Who wants to be bothered with that. Yes, it might look a little prettier, but it is not convenient and easy like I wanted it to be.

So I was not too happy with my first sample. The second time I did an elastic which I liked a lot better, and the third time I increased the size to make it taller so everything fit better and would not stick out.

So it took me three tries, but I finally got it.

Here is it:


Well, I hope to see you all soon. I will try to keep posting more regularly.


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