I want to talk about fabric today, specifically cotton and yes I know there are 
many cotton fabrics, but the one I want to talk about today is woven cotton.
It has been around forever or at least for as long as I can remember and I know
from generation to generation it has maintained its place as a common household 
fabric that is used for everything from from making curtains, to table runners, to
tablecloths, and cotton rugs, and yes clothing. 

And as we all know cotton is one of the nicest fabrics to use. It holds up well,
and works well for almost anything. I've been sewing for over 45 years and the other
day as I was working with a certain brand of cotton I realized that fabric has 
changed so much. Cotton used to be thicker when I was growing up. It was more dense
then it is today, and as you make clothing with it, it was not as soft and did not 
flow as well. But I notice this year's cotton have changed.

Different companies coming in making new lines of cotton have changed things up.
Different kind of woven fabrics and I will say I have some favorites. Two of my most
favorite fabric companies right now are: Art Gallery fabric, and Michael Miller 
fabric. The textures have changed Art Gallery their fabric is a thin silk-like 
fabric and Michael Miller in the last year has changed thier's to be a beautiful
silk-like fabric as well. Yes I know there is no actual silk in the fabric, but
the feel of it is so soft that silk is the only way that I can describe it.

And I noticed after you wash it, it becomes softer and softer and softer almost 
feeling like butter when you wear it. When it comes down to it who wouldn't want
to wear a cotton that just turned to your most favorite shirt after a few washings.

When it comes to children's clothing they want to be comfortable and just put on 
that favorite shirt that has that favorite feel. I know when I was younger cotton
just did not feel the way it does today, and for that I am glad.

 I am not saying that it was bad. It was just different, and I
 absolutely love the feel of todays cotton.

They work well for clothing and there are other companies (many companies) that 
make cotton that is perfect for everything else like making quilts.
For quilts I love to see the thicker fabric. The thicker cotton, like the old cotton,
because quilts are made to hold up through the times.

Well I was just thinking about all that as I was making some dresses the other day, 
and I thought I would share. 

Times change, and even the fabric changes with it. It is an amazing thing.

I hope to see you soon,
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