Spring: I love the smell;
I love the feel of the air in the morning;
I love waking up and hearing all the birds chirping outside; 
I love being able to keep the windows open after a long winter when it's cold 
and get cleaned up from all the leaves and browness of winter;
It's so nice when the weather changes;
 the flowers start coming out;
Everything starts to come alive!
 I love that I love the whole part of the season.
It's probably my most favorite time of the year.

The same things happen with Fabrics. I have noticed that in Spring all the
beautiful florals and pinks and blues and greens start popping up in all the fabric
I got some fabric from Michael Miller which I love
 it is just so pretty. It is floral just a simple almost vintage type floral 
the cotton is soft almost feeling
 like a silk.
 I got in the most beautiful fabrics and I couldn't wait to make something with
 them. I opened up quite a few of the bolts and combined some colors, and
 I noticed that in Spring the fabric companies start coming out with the most
 beautiful bright, vivid, blush colors that everybody just wants to buy
 (me included). I have to admit I'm a Fabricaholic and anything I can make 
with fabric I will I love it I've always loved it since I was a little.
 I've known this since I was as young as I can remember sewing with my grandmother.
We started with Barbie doll clothes which is actually the hardest thing to do,
 but that's what we used to do when she was younger.
 but anyway going from there
 When I had my had my daughter I just could not wait to make something pretty for 
her to wear. 

 It is so nicce having a store now where I can make all the clothing I love.
I can combine colors and match and put things together that are just beautiful 
when theu are finished.

I hope to see you all soon,
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