The Razberry Threads Difference

Our clothing might cost a little bit more than some but we readily admit that our quality line of kid’s clothes are not for everyone. Our colorful, in-house brand, Backyard Feathered Friends is all handcrafted by master seamstresses – we believe that supporting local artisans is always worth a little extra effort.

This is because we feel passionately that high quality fabric and superior craftsmanship are vitally important to the look, feel and wear-ability of your child’s clothes.

As Razberry Threads owner Susan Weaver explains, “As much as I love my kids and always wanted to show them off when they were small, keeping them presentable was never easy!

I always had to keep an extra change of clothes with me at all times in case they decided to make mud balls, play in the dirt, or paint themselves with food.

That is why I created a reversible wrap-around dress, I call the “Wrap-Me-Up” for my daughter.


This way when I was on the way to visit the in-laws and I looked back only to see that my daughter had managed to stain her dress with a chocolate bar, or had had a “duel” with her brother — using their  crayons as their “mighty” weapons — I could simply turn her dress inside out, wash her hands, and appear as the good parent in front of my relatives.

It was these little Wrap-Me-Up dresses that eventually became the inspiration for my line of children’s dresses, tops and pants.”

Not for Everyone?

“Are you okay with paying $35 – $45 for a handcrafted dress or custom top that will delight that special kid or grandchild in your life?”

If your answer was “Yes!” or “What a great gift idea for the grand-kids”, or “Sure, for special occasions.” then our boutique is just the right place for you. We invite you to come by and browse Razberry Threads, the next time you are in downtown Asheville.

When customers describe our clothing, the words “Colorful”, “Quality” and “Comfortable” are often heard.

We use only the best natural fabrics we can lay our hands on and our premium line of clothing is hand-sewn by our team of experienced, local Western North Carolina artisans – garments that any grandmother would be proud to sent to her children or grand-kids as a gift.

And for the people who work with us? Our staff is known for their friendly and helpful, personal service. And we designed our store with kids and parents in mind. Our store’s layout is both kids and stroller-friendly!

So while we admit our shop may seem a “little bit pricey” at first, we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with our customer service or the quality of our clothes.

And it’s our personal service and quality clothing that will keep you coming back to our little shop – year after year!

“Razberry Threads – An unique handcrafted designer clothing store for children and adults. You will not find another store just like us. We love what we do and it shows.”

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