Women’s Clothing

We love being a “neighborhood” boutique…

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The kind where our staff waves to our customers when they walk by our front windows…

The kind of place where you can just pop into when you want to treat yourself to something fun, cheerful or wonderfully whimsical.

And where we take the time to chat with visitors about kids clothes and fashion – even when they come in just to past the time!

At first glance, our place might not seem to be in your “style”.

You may be more into pants suits than sun dresses, more button-downs than tee-tops or maybe skirts rather than leggings.

So why are so many of our customers surprised at how many fun things they end up finding to wear at our little shop?

The answer is simple…

Our tops, leggings and other women’s clothing, appeals to “girls of all ages”.   Our clothes they get the job done – they feel comfortable yet make you look great!

“Glad you convinced me to wear it. Ten minutes out of your shop and I got a compliment on it. LOL!”

Even for those women who ‘swear” that they are not into bold colors or casuals or girly-frills, they always seem to find one of our designs that stands out for them.

All of our women’s wear is equal parts quality, comfort and youthful bounce!

Our clothes fit well and are made from natural fabric.

And as a result they will make you feel comfortable, confident and at ease with how you look. We always have lots of lovely handcrafted designs that are wonderfully fun and playful.

We have also hand-picked some great stuff created by other local North Carolina artisans – items we are positive that will look good on you!

Yes, you might have been to more exclusive boutiques, but we feel that our little corner of the world still deserves four star,  just for making you look so good – from top to bottom.

We invite you to come by Razberry Threads and treat yourself to something special today.

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